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Content Management Made Easy

The Power of Simplicity

Most of our customers come to us because of they want a website the looks great and performs efficiently for their customer to drive up traffic, leads and sales. But once the site is launched, those same customers begin to realize the incredible power of our Content Management System.


Complexity Simplified 

This is where ground-breaking creativity interlocks with exact science; it's where technology comes alive, and new standards of innovation and performance are set.


The Facts

According to a study by Forrester Research involving 8,600 web users, 65% of the respondents indicated that they returned to websites that frequently updated their content.


Not just Joe & Jane Visitor, but Google too.

Frequent updates are not only important to your average 'Joe' or 'Jane' Visitor, but Google and the other major search engines have taken note of this trend too. An important factor in how Google ranks websites is related to the frequency with which the site content is updated. The thinking is that a site that hasn't been updated in 5 years could have stale content that is meaningless to web users today. This is especially true when compared to a site that was updated yesterday. The search engines assume that a site that was updated yesterday has someone actively caring for the content and maintaining the site and engaging visitors, which presumably makes them a better resources for everyone. Thus the more frequently updated website will rank better in search results.


We encourage all of our client to update the content on their website at least once a month to show the major search engines that the sites are being properly maintained. Moreover, the best way to drive additional traffic is to write new content. Increasingly, our clients that create new content, frequently see better traffic results than our clients that rarely update. This is partly because the search engines like to see new content as well as updates to old content, partly because visitors are more likely to engage with new content and return to the site if they know it will be updated frequently. But perhaps more importantly than either of those reasons, we're seeing a massive increase in traffic through the social web, that is social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc... If you are producing new content and posting those links to the major social networks, then you instantly have a much larger audience for that content. This is a great way to get more people using your website.


What's so great about the Cybernautic CMS

First of all, this system has been in development since 1998 and all upgrades have been based on client feedback. Second, this is the core to making the web easy for you. Most Content Management Systems are so complex and hard to understand that the many programmers can't make sense of them. We developed our system from the ground up with one thing in mind...simplicity. The Content Management System is designed to make the most popular features the easiest to accomplish. We've used dozens of CMS's from Wordpress, to Joomla and Drupal and none of those are as easy to use as the Cybernautic CMS. Why is that? Because we built it for small businesses.


Version 4

The Cybernautic CMS is now in Version 4. This includes several great new features like:

  • Many Search Engine Optimization improvements so your site ranks higher in search results.
  • Dozens of visual improvements to make it easier to navigate, add, modify, remove and sort items.
  • Several performance upgrades so it is faster and stores data more efficiently.
  • A massive improvement in security
  • The ability to upload photos and files and link them to text on the page with ease
  • An improved system for handling bulleted text (like the text you're reading right now)
  • An improved system for handling tables.
  • An improved system for handling multiple photos within a content page
  • Plus dozens of additional new features.


The version sounds nice, but is it as easy to use as before?

Absolutely, in fact in our usability testing we found that most people were able to use version 4 with even less training than before, and our previous usability tests proved that version 3 was easier to use than all other major competitors. We've made some incredible improvements, but everything is still based on a the concept of simplicity. This is how we make the web easy for you.



Is it Compatible with the Major Open Source CMS's

We often have clients that come to us fixed on using some of the open source CMS's and although we can build sites using these platforms we prefer not to because they are clumsy and are a major security hazard. Plus the Cybernautic CMS is portable to those other formats. So if you decide to move your Cybernautic site after several years and you want to integrate your content with the some of the major open source CMS's, we can help you with that. So you don't have to worry about being trapped by a propietary system. We understand the value of the open source community (and we contribute a lot to it) so we designed our latest version of the Cybernautic CMS so that our staff can port Cybernautic sites to the other major formats with ease.


Take it for a test drive

Perhaps the only thing more exciting than the increase in traffic to your website is taking the Cybernautic CMS for a test drive to see just how easy it can be to manage the content on your website.


Give us a call, or send us an email; we would love to show you what the Cybernautic CMS can do for you!


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