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Web Design

Custom website design is our specialty. If you are looking for a brand new website, a redesign or just a few updates to an existing site, we’d be glad to help. We have built hundreds of websites from businesses and non-profits ranging in size from home-based businesses to ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. To see first-hand the wide range of our work, take a look at our design portfolio.


Our Process

Our process is simple and we make every effort to engage our clients that want to be involved in the technical parts of the process while keeping things simple and geek-free for our clients that would rather remain hands-off. 


Our Philosophy

Our design philosophy is founded on two great concepts: Ingenious Design and Engineering Excellence.


Ingenious Design

Ingenious design goes beyond a simple aesthetically pleasing appearance. Ingenious design can stimulate the senses, stir a desire, and creates a sense of trust. Perhaps even more importantly, Ingenious design is about moving people to action. Our goal is not simply to impress visitors with stylish design; it’s to move them to action. Beyond that, great design requires the consideration of several non-visual elements like search engine optimization. Did you know that a poorly designed site will not rank as highly in Google Search results as a well designed website? Our designer study hundreds of elements that can impact your sites ranking with the major search engines to improve the ranking of your website and ultimately drive more visitors to your site. They consider every pain-staking detail to create an impressive user experience as well as an impress ranking on the major search engines. Increasing traffic and improving the experience for those users…now that’s the power of great design!


Engineering Excellence

Owning a great website is like owning a great car. Of course it’s aesthetically pleasing, but what’s really impressive is what’s under the hood. Our programmers work tirelessly to make sure that their projects meet all current coding standards as well as previous version coding standards so that your website performs just as well on the latest and greatest mobile device as it does on someone archaic computer on a dial-up internet connection. We build sites for speed and reliability. We pay as much attention to future coding standards as we do to historical coding standards. For example, Flash animated websites are not viewable on iPhone or iPad, so we carefully consider the demographic audience that will use your website to determine whether Flash animation is a pitfall that should be avoided or if it’s a visual enhancement that can be embellished. In every way our programmers are looking out for you long term, best interest.


Web Design for every budget

Does it sound expensive? You’d be surprised to find out how affordable our services are. We understand that tight budgets can strain a small business (because we are a small business) so we’ve priced our services to make them affordable to everyone from a simple 5 page template site to state-of-the-art websites for the market leaders, we’ll do our best to work within your budget and to advise you to implement the most effective components first.


Find out for yourself

So give us a call or send us an email today! Consultations and quotes are free so you have nothing to lose! And besides we’d love to hear about your project anyway.


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