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Hosting in the Cloud

All Cybernautic designed websites are managed and maintained using an incredible new technology called Cloud Hosting. Traditionally websites have either been hosted a single server (for very large demanding websites) or many websites on a single server (for smaller websites. There are a lot of companies called ‘deep discount hosts’ that try to put hundreds of websites on the same server in an attempt to save money but at the expense of constant site outages and slow load time. We know that if you make users wait too long to load your website, they’re gone. We also know that one of Google’s many criteria for ranking websites in search results is based on a site's load time. This is all directly related to the quality of your hosting environment. At Cybernautic, we believe your site should never go down and it should always load quickly, not matter how much traffic it receives. So we’ve moved ALL of our client websites to the Cloud Hosting platform.


What is Cloud Hosting?

In contrast to traditional hosting methods, Cloud Hosting involves essentially tying thousands of servers together (currently 40,000 servers) so they can all share each other’s resources.


Consider this; let’s say Website A is not receiving very much traffic which means there is a lot of potential processing power that is not being used. But Website B is hitting its maximum load potential. In traditional hosting, Website B would be out of luck. That site is just going to load slower and slower as traffic increases until the server can’t take it anymore and crashes. This is how most hosting companies are setup. With Cybernautic Cloud Hosting, we essentially tie both servers together so that when Website B sees a traffic spike it can utilize some of the unused processing power of Website A’s server. Then when Website A sees a traffic spike, it can utilize some of Website B’s unused server resources. But we’ve taken it even further than that. Our Cloud includes 40,000 servers…not just two. This means if your website sees a huge spike in traffic, your site could draw resources from up to 39,999 other servers!


Does it really work?

Absolutely! Cybernautic was praised by the producers of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for hosting their website in our Cloud datacenter. Cybernautic managed to be the first hosting provider for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to successfully manage and host a website that did not crash during construction or episode air date.


“In over 150 shows, it has been rare to find an Internet hosting company that was equipped to handle the traffic of thousands of people coming to a builder’s website. No doubt this is a testament to Cybernautic’s ability to host demanding, high traffic websites” – Conrad Ricketts, Executive Producer for ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


This was only possible because the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition website was hosted in the Cloud so that when thousands of people raced to the website the server didn’t crash, it simply used the available resources of up to 39,999 other servers in our datacenter.


How fast can The Cloud deliver my website to my customers?

In additional to handling major spikes in traffic The Cloud was designed with something called a multiple redundant CDN to help deliver sites to users faster than ever before. Basically the CDN is network of computers that save a copy of your website so that when a user requests a page on your site the user’s computer does not always get your site from the main datacenter. Sometimes your site, or part of your site may load from the CDN to guarantee that your website is delivered to users as quickly as possible. This keeps more people using your site longer and provides them with a more satisfying user experience.


We have taken every step possible to ensure that your website is not only designed, developed and marketing to its maximum potential but we take care of everything ‘under the hood’ to deliver maximum performance as well!


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