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Biaggi's Mobile Website

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Mobile Web Design is Growing...REALLY fast

With the advent of iPhone, Android, iPad and other sophisticated mobile devices, we've seen a significant jump in mobile device traffic. All sites designed by Cybernautic utilize Google's sophisticated Analytics tools to track all traffic, including the total number of mobile users and the kinds of devices they're using to hit your website. As we tracked these statistics with Biaggi's, we noted a massive jump in mobile traffic from late 2010 to early 2011. After assessing the way those mobile users were using the site, we decided to build a mobile version of the site that focused primarily on finding Biaggi's locations near you with an emphasis on the menus at each location.


A Better Mobile Experience

As of Jan 2011, all websites designed by Cybernautic are being built to be 'mobile-compatible.' This means that we use programming languages that will work not only on desktops and laptops, but on mobile devices as well. However, using a full website on a small mobile screen can be cumbersome and often frustrating for mobile web visitors. A better experience is to design a mobile website. That's exactly what we did for Biaggis. When you go to on your mobile device, we use a script to automatically determine whether you are using a mobile device or not. If you are, then you are redirected to to provide a better mobile browsing experience.


Available on iPhones and iPads

Biaggis had their main website developed long ago by a flash web design company. As 'cool' as the flash site may be, it's unfortunate that Biaggis has been losing thousands of mobile website users each month because flash cannot be viewed on iPhone and iPad. With Cybernautic all of that has changed. Not only have we produced a new mobile version of their website that features more in-depth menu and location info, but we're in the process of redesigning their main website to make it more universally compatible for all devices including iPhone and iPad! To learn why we chose to produce a mobile website instead of a mobile 'app', read this story which we wrote in response to this question titled: When to choose a mobile app and when to choose a mobile website.


Everything Your Mobile Customers Want

Before we began building the mobile version of the website we used Biaggis' statistical data to determine that the vast majority of their mobile web users were looking for locations and menus. So when it was time to build the new mobile website, we specifically designed it to serve those users. Many of our focus-group users actually thought the mobile version of the website looked better and worked better than the flash version of their website! This is mostly due to the simplicity of navigation and making it easy of finding exactly what users are looking for. When we build websites for our customers, we think through every nuance of the user experience to make sure your customers get everything they want.


The Cybernautic CMS goes Mobile

Many web design companies setup mobile websites that require you (the client) to hire their programmers to make content updates. Other web design companies use one CMS to control the main website and a completely different CMS to control the  mobile version of the website. We decided it would be a lot easier for you if you could use the exact same CMS to control both. The Biaggis mobile website uses the Cybernautic CMS to control mobile content and when we launch their new main website later this year we'll be able to use the same CMS to control content on both sites. For Biaggis this means that when they need to change something on the menu they only have to do it in one place and that change will reflect on both the mobile site AND the main site. This reduced overhead, reduces confusion and makes life easier for everyone managing and using both websites! This is just one more way we make the web easy for you.


Get Your Own Mobile Website

If you're interested in building a mobile website for your business or organization, contact us today for a quote. We would be glad to help.



Biaggi's Mobile Homepage

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