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Facebook is no doubt the most popular social network on the planet. In fact if Facebook was a country and its members were its citizens, Facebook would be the third largest nation on planet Earth! That is an incredible audience for your business to tap into. We have developed several strategies for making the most of this audience, engaging them efficiently and using their influence to drive additional traffic to your website.


One of our favorite examples of Facebook users in action came in the fall of 2009 when we were working on a website for ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Our plan was to utilize traditional media sources to provide maximum coverage and to use Facebook to keep everyone up-to-date. After only one week, the viral power of Facebook took over and by week two we can accumulated over 12,000 fans for a project that required 5,000 volunteer positions. The response was simply overwhelming. Not only was the volunteer response overwhelming, but Facebook was the number traffic driver for the Extreme Makeover: Homed Edition website; topping all other sources combined!


Facebook holds a tremendous amount of untapped potential for your business. If you're ready to begin engaging the Facebook community, contact us today. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls and we can help you develop the most effective strategies for making the most out of the Facebook community.


Twitter's meteoric rise in popularity has made it the undisputed number two social network on Earth (second only to Facebook). We leverage Twitter's enormous audience to drive more traffic our websites. It's also important to encourage users to retweet your posts using the appropriate retweet format to maximize your websites exposure and to improve overall targeted traffic to your website.


If you're new to using Twitter to promote your business contact us today, we'd love to share some strategies and help fine-tune the most effective strategies for your business.

Sharing and Retweeting

We encourage all of our clients to utilize the "Share on Facebook" and "Retweet" features. These are icons that can appear on every page of your website so that when visitors find something valuable, they can quickly and easily share it with the Facebook and Twitter communities. This is great way to increase your site's exposure with a person recommendation from a website visitor to all of their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Youtube and Vimeo

YouTube - Of course most people have seen videos on Youtube, but did you know that you can create a custom Youtube channel that can be desigened to match your website? If you produce your own videos or if you have several videos, it's worth creating a custom Youtube channel to match your website.


Vimeo - Vimeo is a video service that is similar to Youtube, but designers like us like it move because you can do a lot more with it and the quality of the video stream is a little better than Youtube. We prefer to post videos to Vimeo when they're being embedded in a website. Like Youtube videos they also have a "share" feature that allows viewers to share your video with friends, family and colleagues.


Yelp has become an incredibly popular service for finding businesses on mobile devices and desktop computers. It's important to claim your Yelp page and correct any bogus information while adding new information about your business and respond to user feedback. Yelp is a free service for businesses and we recommend that all of our consumer-based businesses claim and manage their Yelp page.


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