Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO: good for your customers, better for your business


Here is where most companies will tell you they're "the best" in x-field or y-industry, and you'll roll your eyes and say "Yeah, right." Well, we're not most companies.


You didn't come here to read a bunch of superlatives, and you didn't come here to read a page where we gush about how great we are at what we do. What you did come here for, we're willing to bet, was to see if Cybernautic was a company who could provide search engine optimization services to your business at a reasonable price, with no hassle and no games. 


Maybe you're skeptical. We get that. However, we encourage you to take a look at our portfolio and see if that feeling lingers. We're proud of our work, and we're proud of the SEO magic that happens before, during, and after a site launch.


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What We Do:


  • Optimize site content
  • Increase site traffic
  • Improve search rankings


What We Don't Do:

  • Make promises we can't keep
  • Nickel and dime our clients
  • Pretend we know more than we do


SEO can be pretty well summarized by the three bullet points under "What We Do," but we've put together a more comprehensive definition of search engine optimization. As with any summary, the list above hits the main points but in truth only scratches the surface of what is an increasingly necessary component of internet marketing in today's age.


Search engine optimization services By Cybernautic



When All Trucks USA came to Cybernautic for search engine optimization services, they likely didn't expect that we would quadruple their traffic over the course of a year. But that's exactly what we did. In May of 2016, their site had just under 3,000 sessions, and in May of 2017, their site had almost 12,000 sessions.  That's it - no gimmicks, no fancy graphs to inflate the data, no games.


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Now, in fairness, it's important to note that SEO is different for every client, and it depends largely on a client's market, desired keywords, and website strength. We can't promise specific numbers, but we can promise increased traffic, increased user satisfaction, and increased brand credibility. For the ultimate success, we recommend a fully custom site by Cybernautic coupled with our SEO services.


Benefits Of SEO


Perhaps at this point you're wondering about the benefits of SEO for you and your business. That's a fair question and one we hope to answer. The short version: search engine optimization helps to increase site traffic, improve your rankings on Google and other search engines, and generates more business for you due to higher visibility - all at a manageable, cost-effective rate.


The long version? Search engine optimization services go a long way toward boosting a company's site traffic and search ranking, that's a given. Those services include content writing, link building, keyword research, and overall site optimization.


What those services also do is help your business establish legitimacy, build a strong reputation, and ultimately stimulate growth that you can measure, year after year after year. While you may think SEO has some overlap with marketing, it's important to distinguish what SEO is and what it is not, which we've done in the above guide.


Lead Generation


Another of the many benefits of SEO is something called lead generation, which is the result of increased visitors to your website. Getting people to your website is one thing, but getting them to stay is another animal entirely. An optimized website will feature top-notch content, user friendliness, mobile responsiveness, and overall ease-of-use. If your site has all that, you'll start to see those visitors converting into customers.


SEO has continued to expand, more so than ever in recent years, but the process remains a mystery to many. There are countless Google searches for questions like: "What is SEO?", "Does my company need SEO?", "What are the benefits of SEO?", and many others. 


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SEO in Normal, IL


With that said, search engine optimization is not a new concept to Cybernautic, a company that has pioneered in a number of areas since our inception. Whether it was working with Rackspace to lead the way with cloud-based web hosting in the early 2000s or surviving the early Wild West days of SEO - when black hat strategies, keyword stuffing, and spammy links reigned supreme. Cybernautic has always done things differently, and that's the case with our  SEO services in Normal IL.


SEO In Bloomington, IL


Cybernautic has always had a home in Bloomington, IL. Some of us grew up right here in town, and others of us have come to stay. Having worked with Baxter's Grille and Eastview Christian Church, we've gotten to know a very unique community over the years. We've also seen that community grow and change as the years have passed, and it's pushed us to do the same. The staff at Cybernautic is committed to blazing its own trail, and that holds true for our SEO services in Bloomington IL.