Media and Humans as Social Creatures
July 6, 2009

We are by nature social beings.  Karl Marx said that we were “intrinsically, necessarily, and by definition social beings.”  He referred to humans as gregarious creatures who cannot survive other
than through social co-operation.  As such, as we evolve as a society, it’s only natural that our methods of social interaction also evolve.  And as technology progresses, it’s also natural to use that technology to interact socially.
We use technology to interact with friends and family, to catch up with old classmates, to get the latest news and entertainment, and to research things we want to know about.  We’ve done this for years and it was only a matter of time before we applied the same social interaction principles to our business interactions.
People take comfort in feeling like they belong.  They join social networks to meet others and converse with them.  This interaction leads to a sense of trust.  We get involved in social networks because we can use the same source to meet our friends, entertain ourselves, and get the information we are seeking. 
The people associated with or connected to our safe social environment are viewed as trustworthy. 
If a member of our social network points us to a video, we watch it.  If they provide us a link to an interesting article, we read it.  If they point out a good deal or sale, we think about taking advantage of it.
Any business which gets involved with and utilizes such social networks is opening itself up to a huge potential resource.  Not only is it possible to establish relationships with other individuals and companies but also to network while developing resources.  There’s a new forum available to us and if we are a trusted voice within that forum, what we say is listened to.

This new market avails us the opportunity to reach people we’d never have dreamed of reaching ten years ago.  It allows people to put a face to a business and to identify that source as worth listening to. Transparency is the key here.  So why is it even more important for a small business to be transparent to their clients in an online world?  Find out here.