Why It's Important To Be Transparent With Your Customers
July 6, 2009

This new market allows people to put a face to a business and to identify that source as worth listening to. Transparency is the name of this game.  So why is transparency so important?
Social media enables people to interact with the content they find online.  A small business who
does its branding online will find that the messages it sends are personally shared between friends and conversations will take place.  They might be talking about your product or service, or ways you could be improving that service.  They’ll almost certainly be having these conversations whether you’re there are not. 

But, if they are talking in your presence, you can hear what is being said and use it to improve your business, or even make responses to what is said in order to moderate the content being put out about you, to some extent.  By becoming a part of a social network, you get to contribute to the interaction that is seen there.
You have to remember, though, that social media is inherently transparent.  People online want to know who they are conversing with and they want to make sure that their sources are trustworthy.  The Net Generation is more skeptical than any other generation and they will particularly demand transparency from businesses that are using the same social networking sites as they are.
In exchange for that transparency, you as a small business will get access to their online communities, a voice in their conversations, and their trust.
This is a valuable opportunity to put good information about your company where many people can see it.  The viral nature of social networking allows this content to spread rapidly so that a reputation is established very quickly. 
However, the impact of messages shared online is not isolated to the particular social communities that the messages originate in.  In other words, an engagement on any particular topic doesn’t have to take place in the same forum or medium it started in.  Because social media is so viral, people will take the discussion to other sources they utilize and continue these conversations elsewhere too.
That’s why it’s so important to get involved in these communities so you can be aware of what’s going on around you in the world that your customers already inhabit.  And if you are active in engaging these audiences, you can make sure that the reputation you earn is one you’re pleased with.
It is in our nature to desire a relationship and the company who can meet people where they already are is the company who will get the trust of the people.  Your clients are already online.  Meet them there.
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