Google Analytics - The Dashboard Explained
June 18, 2010

Google Analytics Dashboard


The dashboard provides you with a simple snapshot of all traffic to your website over a rolling 30 day period (that can be customized to any time period you prefer). The dashboard provides you with a chart of daily visitors over the past 30 days, a count of total visitors over 30 days, page views, average number of pages loaded per visit, bounce rate (% of users that load one page and leave the site), average time users spent on the site, and a % of new visitors compared to the whole.


The dashboard can also give you a snapshot of a defined geographic area, like a state, country or the whole world with a heat map overlay to show you where most of your users come from geographically.


You can also get a pie chart showing where your visitors came from (in other words how they found you) whether it be through a search engine, typing in your address direct/clicking a bookmark, or clicking a link from a referring website. You can also get a list of the top 5 most popular pages on your site and the top 5 sites that referred traffic to your site. In every way, the dashboard is an incredible tool to help you gain a quick understanding of how people interactive with your website.