How does the world spend time online?
August 2, 2010

How does the world spend its time online?
As you peruse websites on your laptop at work or from home, where do you spend most of your time?  Do you ever wonder if the rest of the world is doing the same thing that you are?  If you’re visiting social media websites like Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Mashable, Twitter, a Blog, or Myspace, then the answer is: Yes.
According to Nielson ratings, in April of this year the entire world spent about 22% of their time on social media websites.  That may not seem like a staggering figure, but when you take into account that this is a global statistic, not just a Western one, it’s a pretty large number.
Right now, about 3/4ths of internet users in the world visit a social network or blog when they go online. The average international user spent 6 hours on social media sites in April this year compared to 3.5 hours last April. 
Facebook has been receiving as much as or more traffic than Google, and Youtube gets more than 2 billion site views a day.  As Youtube attempts to get into the news feed business and establish itself as a legitimate news source that number may increase.
Brazil has the largest percentage of internet users on a social network with 86%.  Australians spend the most time on social networking sites: an average of almost 7½ hours in April this year followed closely by the USA and Italy with 6½ hours each. 
In Italy, Australia, the USA, and the UK, between 60 and 66% of the active unique audience spends time on Facebook.
As you think about this, think about where your potential customers are spending their time.  Would you like to reach them where they are instead of making them come to you?
- By Dave DeGooyer