5 Things You Haven’t Tried That Will Help Your Productivity
September 22, 2017



Written by: Brady Adams | Read Time: 2 minutes


At the end of the day, your goal is the same as everyone else: focus on progress in production over perfection. Turn your attention to the things you can control during your work day and split them up into action steps that you know will help get you closer to the target.





What is it? A web automation tool

Zapier is a web-based tool that allows you to sync apps you already use and make a chain of events so that they complete actions automatically. With over 750 apps you can pair, your business can start working seamlessly by registering a free account. Zapier basically exists to help you get rid of the mundane updating that happens in any office job. Ever wonder what a workflow could look like for your team? Check this out for a faster process.






What is it? A motivation hack

For the things you can’t automate, get them done more efficiently on your own! The general rule of thumb is this: at the beginning of your day or in preparation for the next day’s work, get all of your tasks made into one digestible list. As you plan, if there are tasks that would be just as quick to complete as writing down, go ahead and do them right then! Then move on - you don’t want to get hung up with the little things. 


Example: Want to start reading insightful blogs during your breaks? Ours only take 2 minutes!

Read more: http://regainyourtime.com/2-minute-rule-time-management/





What is it? Wellness tips for energy and focus

Even if you’re not into the super foods mentality, here are some common options for lunch that will increase your potential for productivity: fish, raw carrots, and avocado. Whenever possible, make whole grains the base of your meal!  Interested in making smoothies or consider yourself a snackaholic? Try adding dark chocolate, nuts, blueberries or seeds into your mix.



Read up some more on your own here: 








What is it? Time-management & productivity extensions

Pomodoro and Stay Focused; (try a timer or a blocker)

Getting your productivity on track means thinking about it like a system. If you have planned out your tasks for the day, then the next logical step is having an idea about how long you actually spend doing each type of work! That means grouping them into similar tasks and using a timer to stay focused. The most popular method is ‘tomato timers’ or the Pomodoro Technique, and the most simple are websites like http://www.timer-tab.com/. Or, if you are someone that struggles with getting distracted easily, try a web extension like this one


Try downloading this free app for your computer






What is it? A freemium password management extension

LastPass is quite simply a life saver. A free add-on for any web browser, LastPass stores all of your website login information so that you don’t have to worry about clearing your cache and losing it all! There is no more need to write them down in a notebook, either. What’s just as nice, LastPass will generate a unique password anytime you need to create a new one! The key to using it effectively is syncing it to all of your devices and copying the Master Password to give you access to your virtual vault. 





Have any of these worked for you? Share some of your own productivity advice in the office today.