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City of Fisher
Fisher, IL
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LeRoy, IL
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Danvers, IL
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Clinton, IL
McLean County Chamber of Commerce
Bloomington, IL

City Web Design

Web Design for Cities & Municipalities 


If you are looking to improve the online presence of a government or municipal website, then your organization is probably looking to have very specific needs met. You will want to be a positive reflection on your community and to present your region in a favorable manner. You’ll also want to provide as much information possible without encouraging unnecessary phone calls to your city or regional offices that will waste employee time. You’ll want to make sure your site is visually appealing and inviting to users. At Cybernautic, we recognize these as vital parts of any government or municipality website, and we are committed to making sure they are a part of every such website we design.


A good city or municipality website shows more than just the history or features of the place. Surely, having information about a city or municipality is useful in visiting a place, but Cybernautic, being client-oriented, is focused more on the experience that your visitors will have upon visiting your website. In other words, we put ourselves in your visitors' shoes and ask - what is a good experience when I visit this city website? Therefore, we think of ways to engage your visitors and create meaning in their visits.  



Municipal web design




City Web Design


How We Help Cities Engage Visitors


A visitor looks for information about a city or a municipality for many reasons. A person may just be performing research, is looking to visit for a short period of time, or is considering to move to a city for a longer duration. In any case, this is good for the city as it adds to the population and thus revenue. Therefore, city websites should entice visitors through their services.


For example, we can design a website for tourists, showing them the best sights and sounds of the city, a list of the top restaurants organized according to theme and taste, and the most exciting activities that can be done within a few hours, a day, or throughout a week. We can also list shopping destinations and businesses so that unexpected transactions, such as when a visitor needs automotive help, can be done with ease.


We can also design a website that shows the best city routes to avoid traffic congestion or that includes public transportation timetables for new residents. We can include a community page where people can post announcements about the latest happenings in schools and the community. We can also build an online repository of documents needed for city services, such as applying for a business or building permit.


Furthermore, we’ll also help you with the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is the art of getting your website ranked well on Google and other search engines so that it is easy to find you in a standard web search. People in your community can be updated on events and can find the information about their region that they are looking for when they want it. Cybernautic has extensive experience in improving search engine rankings and is excited to communicate what we have learned with our clients.

If you are looking for website design that is professional, visually appealing, and effective, Cybernautic is the choice for your government or municipal organization. Contact us today to learn how we can help you be successful online.



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  • Website design and development
  • Website hosting and email
  • An advanced content management system which makes it easy to update the content of your website
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) services for your website including:
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