Meet The Team
Chad Parker
President & CEO
Robbie Osenga
Vice President & Chief Potential Officer
Ian Kaufmann
Senior Developer
Jason Sanders
Creative Director
Emily Ohmart
Lead Web Strategist
Jessica Henrichs
Web Strategist
Dave Van Allen
Chief Financial Officer
Ashley Welchel
Project Manager
Karla Castillo
Assistant Project Manager
Luke Bachtold
Web Marketing Specialist
Jeff Neukom
Web Marketing Specialist
Tyler Griffin
Web Designer/Developer
David Barrett
Web Developer
Andre Ferraz
Web Designer/Developer
Joel Abadayan
Web Developer
Anderson Ferraz
Web Designer/Developer
Charissa Mangaoang
Web Designer
Vince Mangaoang
Web Designer
Claire Valdez
Web Developer
Ray Castillo
Web Designer & Developer
David Brown
Web Marketing Intern
Missy Freese
Assistant Web Strategist
Dave Degooyer
Director of Support
Jason Siebert
Network Administrator
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