Digital Billboards
Reach 22,500 potential customers daily!
Get Noticed By Thousands

Advertise your business to over 22,500 cars a day on our Billboards in Bloomington IL, located on East Empire St. (Rt 9). Our 12ft x 24ft dynamic advertising spaces deliver your brand, product, or campaign message to buyers when they are most likely to buy. Connect your message to relevant third-party data like the local weather forecast, content pulled directly from your website, live pricing updates, and more to connect with your audience on an even deeper level.



  • 22,500 Daily Impressions

  • Conditional Content Based On Weather

  • Cost-Effective

Board Specs

Board Size: 12ft x 24ft

Impressions: 22,500 / day

Facing: East and West Facing

Address: 2404 E. Empire St. Bloomington, IL

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