Building A Strategic Internet Marketing Plan

Every company should have a unique SEO strategy which is specific to their needs and their marketing plan.  However, there are some common elements to every good strategy that you should be aware of that we at Cybernautic think will get you started:

On Site Characteristics

  • First, you should get a Website Report Card so that you can examine your website and those of your competitors to find out what Google sees and what factors you need to include or improve on.  If you’re interested in having Cybernautic provide you a free comprehensive report card, contact us at
  • Even if your site has been professionally designed, you should make sure it’s coded properly for search engine indexing.  We can analyze your code for free.
  • You need conversion forms.  In order to make the most of the traffic to your site, you need to be able to convert that traffic into leads for your business.  
  • Google encourages you to have a blog with Twitter and RSS feeds, but they won’t rank you well unless you set these up properly (i.e. a standard Blogspot blog won’t do the trick…it must be hosted on your domain to get search engine credit for it).

Off site Characteristics

  • Search engine submissions – submitting to all the major engines will encourage them to return to your site to check you out.
  • Inbound links – in our experience, this is the number one factor Google considers in ranking people.  A link from another website to yours is invaluable; the more you have, the better Google will rank your site and the more traffic you’ll get.
  • DMOZ – this is the number one human run directory online and it has a vast network of human editors.  It is very difficult to get into this directory on your own, but Cybernautic works one on one with the editors so we can guarantee inclusion.
  • Social Bookmarking and networking – Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Digg, and Del.i.cious are great ways to get people visiting your site.  Google will notice these inbound links and increase your position in their search results.

Other things to consider:

  • Pay Per Click – this can get your website listed immediately at the top for any keywords you want.  It’s a great, immediate response and will show you a noticeable return on your investment.
  • Mass Mailer – design a newsletter/mass mailer to match your website.  Build an audience.  The more people you send to, the better chance you have of getting good leads.  Write quality content.  If people like what they see, they will come to you with questions or sales needs, but only if you include conversion forms!!
  • Timing – Building links and establishing a good SEO record takes time if you want it done well.  If Google sees others constantly adding links to your site, this makes you look good.  Building up an audience over time sets you apart from fly-by-night companies and establishes you as a reputable business.

To sum up: part of developing a solid internet marketing strategy is being aware of both on and offsite characteristics of your website and knowing where you could use improvement.  Updating your site’s design, coding, and content will get Google to boost your ranking in search results.  In order to make any of this happen, you need an SEO report card so you can gauge your website’s effectiveness and know where to proceed from there. 
If you’re ready to take that step, we’d be happy to offer you a free website report card to get you started.

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