How Do Search Engines Decide Results
May 12, 2009

Search engines want to direct traffic to the sites they find most relevant.  For this reason, can be difficult to get into the top ten results.  Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your site highly ranked on search engines like Google so people can find your business with ease.
Over the last several years, SEO has become more and more crucial as people continue to realize that by optimizing their websites, they

  • increase the traffic to their sites
  • increase their web leads
  • and ultimately increase the revenue they see coming in from what is quickly becoming one of the single most important sources of revenue: the web. 

Did you know:

  • Over 42% of the traffic for any keyword goes to the site ranked number 1 in the search results!
  • Over 60% of the clicks for any given search goes to the top three search results!
  • Over 80% of the total search traffic goes to the top ten results! 

It’s easy to see why ranking in the top ten is so important. If you are not in the top ten results displayed to someone looking for your business, they most likely will not visit your site. 
If you want to get into the top ten results, there are two main ways to get this done: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Organic Search Optimization:

  • Pay-Per-Click’s major advantage is
    • You can get your  site on the top ten page immediately.
    • You only pay for qualified (good) leads.
    • You can set a monthly budget and decide how much traffic you want to pay for.
    • You choose certain keywords to draw people to your listing.
    • You get a higher ROI because you’re connecting with people specifically looking for what you offer.
    • Organic Search Results require a long term plan but over time, yield greater results
      • Once you’ve made the investment, you get ranked highly and you don’t pay a monthly fee.
      • Once your site is ranked well, you generally stay ranked well.
      • There are two main categories that organic search factors fall into:
        • On-page characteristics like the keywords you choose, the frequency with which you update your content, and the way your site is coded.  If your
          site isn’t coded properly, it hurts your rankings.
        • Off-page characteristics such as directory listings and the single most important consideration in search results: inbound links. 
        • This refers to links on other websites that point to your site and there is no more effective way of advertising your site. Period.

    If you are serious about growing your business, increasing your web leads, and ultimately increasing your bottom line through the web, search engine optimization is for you. By consulting a reputable SEO specialist, like Cybernautic, you can ensure that your site meets the requirements of search engines like Google and increase your chances of being ranked in the top ten results.

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