Eight Reasons You Should Be Using Digg and Delicious
Jul 10, 2009

Social bookmarking can be a powerful tool for your business. Here are 8 direct benefits from Digg and Del.i.cious for the small business:

  • Drive people to your site or blog.  We’ve always said that inbound links are king.  If you post
    links to your site or blog, you increase the chance of people using those links to visit you.  If they Digg or add Del.i.cious bookmarks to your site, it not only gets people to visit, it increases your page ranking on Google.
  • Get people to listen to what you have to say.  The reason Digg works is that articles which people ‘Digg’ are assumed to be relevant and interesting content.  People don’t Digg you unless they found something useful there.  Knowing this will cause people to give any
    site with a Digg a second look.
  • Establish credibility.  For the same reason as above, Digg and Del.i.cious too are known to be reputable sources.  If someone mentions you on either of these sites, it’s a great recommendation and it will cause your credibility to rise.
  • Sell more products or services.  As you become more trusted, people will spread the word about you even further which will make interested buyers contact you.  This type of word of mouth advertising translates into sales for you.
  • Network with partners and establish a pool of resources. Setting up a network of referrals
    is a good way to get your name out there and to have trustworthy sources sending business your way.  You can return the favor to them and further establish your credibility.
  • Reach a greater audience.  Digg and Del.i.cious are two sources of referrals that you couldn’t come by if you weren’t marketing online. People pass the word about you in a viral manner through these sites which raises awareness of you on a much larger scale.
  • Get people talking about you and then find out what they are saying.  Know that people are talking about you already.  It’s a fact.  By tapping into the same resources they are using already, you can monitor what is being said about you.  This is helpful for two reasons: first, to gauge your own progress and effectiveness and to know what you’re doing well and what you could be doing better. Second, you have a chance to interact with people who are talking about you, to be transparent with them, and ultimately to let them see the face behind the name.
  • Be aware of what other people are interested and what they talk about online.  Knowing what topics are hot and relevant can allow you to market effectively to your chosen audience.  By working your marketing strategy into what people are already interested in, you can make yourself seen as relevant and thereby take advantage of the free exposure.

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