Social Media: An Overview For The First Timer

Social Media is online content that people create and can participate in by adding comments, instant messaging, or even uploading videos, songs, or stories themselves.  It has become very popular because it helps people to connect or network online to form relationships for business, personal, or even political uses.  

A social network is an online community of internet users. Generally, the members of these communities share a common interest like hobbies, religion, business, or politics.  These users create profiles to share what their interests are and can contact other users to chat, share links or photos, or even organize events.

Examples of social media and networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Bebo, Digg, and Del.i.cious.

Social media, while once more common among a younger generation, is now popular among people of all ages.  A study done by Pew Research indicated that 75% of adults aged 18-24 who use the internet also use social media or networking sites.  Of those aged 25-35, 57% are involved in social networking.  And 78% of tweeters (people who use Twitter) are over the age of 25 (twtrcon).

Recent trends show that social networking is extremely profitable for business.  By using Facebook, companies can acquire fans by attracting them with interesting links to their websites or blogs.  Blogs are also a great way to get traffic back to your site, and to draw in potential customers by sharing pertinent information with them. 
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