5 Video Ideas To Enhance Your Company's Image

Video is the wave of the future.  Interactive media is more easily accessible than ever and the businesses who take advantage of that survive.  Here are a few ways you can use video on your website to enhance your company’s image and increase the number of leads that you see through your website:

  • Video Blog.  Set up daily, weekly, or bi-weekly video podcasts to let people know what’s new with your small business.  Mention special offers, ongoing developments, upcoming events, and anything else that you think will interest your viewers.  Remember to keep the videos short so that people will watch them all the way through.
  • Support Videos.  Everyone hates going to a support site and filling out tickets.  The support team usually doesn’t like to read them either.  Instead of an FAQ section on your website, consider creating short videos to walk customers through common support scenarios.  This hands-on approach is more user-friendly than usual methods of support and is sure to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Product Demonstrations.  Here’s your chance to really show off your company’s products or services.  Let people know why you’re the best at what you do and let them see your product or service in action.
  • Profile Your Employees.  Try having a different employee give each video presentation or give your customers a chance to “personally” meet some of the staff they ordinarily wouldn’t.  People like to know who is behind the scenes because it makes them feel like they are in good hands.
  • Video Testimonials.  Don’t insist that your viewers take you at your word alone.  Let others share their positive experiences with you on video so that your audience can see the real impact that your business makes.

While these are some quick ideas that might help you better picture how your business can use video to make your website more attractive, there are many other ways that you can continue using video in an affordable way to draw in as much traffic as possible.

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