5 Keys to a Successful Newsletter

5 Keys To A Successful Email NewsletterIt’s important to stay in contact with your customers and to remind them to visit your website.  One of the best ways to reach out is through a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter.  Not only is it a good opportunity to inform your audience about the latest news with your company, but while you have their attention, it’s a great chance to encourage them to contact you.  Here are 5 things you can do in a mass mailer type marketing campaign that will help you to be more successful in reaching out to your readers:

  • Show a little bit of your personality.  This is your chance to let your clients glimpse the “man behind the machine” while still being professional.  Try introducing a little humor in your articles.  Share an observation or witticism, an opinion, or even some company news that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to share in interactions with your clients.
  • Give your readers a reason to stay in touch.  Remind your customers to visit your website. Tell people about a special offer you have going on.  Include a short quiz or puzzle in your mass mailer and provide the answers on your website.  Also, be consistent.  By regularly sending out an email newsletter, you might remind your clients that you offer something they aren’t taking advantage of yet, and they’ll have a reason to call you. 
  • Repost your articles on your website.  Tweet links to these articles on Twitter.  Include links in short Facebook posts to drive traffic to your website.  Remind people, through the mass mailer, that you are on Twitter or Facebook and remind them to visit your site.  Let them know that articles are posted there and that there is value in reading them.
  • Educate.  Tell your readers something they don’t know already or explain something that they may have heard about – a new technology or something that’s been in the news.  Share some tips on a topic that you have experience with.  Share some interesting factoids or trivia.
  • Keep it simple.  Online research indicates that people are more likely to read the entire content of an article if it’s short.  The longer your articles are, the less likely readers will be to finish them.  If you can, keep it under a page in length.

By providing content that has value, you engage the interest of your readers and give them a reason to continue reading your emails, a reason to visit your website, and ultimately a reason to contact you because you offer a service they need or want.  Using an email newsletter or mass mailer campaign will not only increase traffic and leads to your website if used properly, it will help to establish a bond of trust with your clients and potential customers…as long as they find something worth reading each time you send a newsletter out.

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