The Rise of Online Marketing
Apr 15, 2010

If you ever visit Mashable, you probably are aware of the growth of online marketing and social media and the many different forms it can take.  Daily, one can find interesting articles about why the internet is such a powerful tool today.

If you’re not a Mashable visitor, the following may interest you:

During the last quarter of 2009, more money was spent in online advertising than ever before:  some $6.3 billion, up 2.6% from the same quarter in 2008, in spite of a down economy.  The total spent in online marketing last year was $22.7 billion, which nearly equals the total spending of 2008, again, in spite of the economy.

In comparison with traditional forms of advertising, online marketing is up 17% from the 8% spent in 2008.  Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of being found online.  You may ask yourself, why is that?  The truth is this: consumers spend more time online than ever before.  People visit Facebook, Youtube, and similar websites twice as much as they watch television.  Even with record millions of viewers watching reality shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, American Idol, and the Apprentice, the majority of consumers prefer to spend their time online.

Why do consumers spend so much time online: because, in the age of the iPhone, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, you can find just about anything online.  That includes almost anything you can think of buying (whether you need it or not) and video clips of many things you probably can’t even imagine (available on Youtube). When consumers spend all of their time online, you better believe they do their shopping there too, and even research the products they plan to buy offline.

In fact, search marketing takes up some 47% of online dollars, the lion’s share of that going to Google.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing strategy of the future: the way that a small business like yours can reach out to people who are already looking for your service.  You don’t even have to go to them; they will come to you.

Don’t spend time online?  Don’t know how to advertise online? No problem.  Just because you aren’t doing it yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t draw in those who are online already, which is probably the majority of your customer base.  If you have trouble operating a cell phone or don’t understand Facebook, then you may need a little help.  That’s where Cybernautic comes in.

Cybernautic, Inc. is staffed by experts in online marketing.  We can help you figure out what market works best for your business and how to get the most out of your marketing dollars.  Anyone can throw money into an advertising campaign.  If you want to be successful with it, you’ll want to channel that money in a way that gives you the best return on your investment.

Cybernautic can help you accomplish that.  Give us a call today or fill out this simple form and we’ll discuss ways that you can be reaching out to people where they already are, and providing them with the service they are already looking for.

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