Cybernautic & The Lost Art of Customer Service

Occasionally, at Cybernautic we receive 'fan mail' from happy clients. We love reading encouraging emails because we work in a stressful, fast-paced industry and most people never get to see the mental stress that our staff has to deal with in order to stay on top of things. But every once in a while we will receive a message from a happy client that is just too good to keep to ourselves.
We met with Sue just yesterday to review her website stats, re-assess goals, consider upgrades, etc... and then "out the blue" today, we received this message from her via email. She wrote this completely unprompted article about "The Lost Art of Customer Service" featuring Cybernautic! We just had to post it for everyone to read. If you're a small business owner, I hope this is a pleasant reminder that your customers pay close attention to little things like customer service. If you've never worked with Cybernautic before...I hope this doesn't set the bar to high :) but we'd love to help you grow for the next ten years just like we've done for Sue.
Here is Sue's Story:
My friend Vickie and I call each other when we are out somewhere and have superior customer service. Our joke is that customer service is “a lost art,” like a rare skill, lost over time. I have been a client of Cybernautic Design’s for eleven years now, since their nascency, and I cannot speak highly enough of their customer service. I entered this whole web site realm not knowing the backend of a web site from a URL or RSS feed. I still don’t, fully. What I do know is how great the Cybernautic team has been towards helping me get what I want out of a web site, explaining things, encouraging new ideas, creating a backend that is so easy to navigate, it makes me look like a pro.
Over the years, Cybernautic Design has redesigned our site three times as our needs changed, and our focus shifted. I hated to see each site go, as I became very attached to the look and design of each one. However, as we have grown into a global site, we needed to change things, and each time, I have felt like the Cybernautic team was 100% behind what I was working toward. How Cybernautic Design implemented our ideas was spot on, every time. I have been very appreciative of Cybernautic Design’s expertise in handling new technologies as they come out, a shifting terrain to be sure.
Cybernautic Design has proven, over this past decade, to be a company with whom I really enjoy doing business. They have repeatedly surpassed my expectations in their design, service, and assistance. What a gift to find a company that works so well with their clients! The fact CEO Chad Parker is also head of a not-for-profit that serves people in need? Very cool. Cybernautic Design is all about the lost art of customer service. I would call Vickie, but she already knows. She loves the look of our site. I love the way it functions without a hitch.
--Susan Baller-Shepard, editor  
Sue Baller-Shepard first hired Cybernautic around the year 2000 and as noted in her message we've helped her grow from a small local book club website into a nationally recognized website. Sue is also a contibutor for the Washington Post.
We currently provide the following services for the Spiritual Book Club:

By: Chad C. Parker (July 8, 2010)

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