July 2010 - New Launches, New Clients, New Projects



Today, July 28, 2010 we officially launched the all new for Student Apartment Mart Inc. This is the third website that SAMI has hired us to build. We believe the new site blows away their old site which debuted back in 2005. Tell us what you think of the new site.


We also launched our own site ( which has been in development for nearly two years and we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. The new site is receiving nearly double the traffic of our old site. Plus we've seen about twice the normal load of leads coming through our website. This goes to show that professional design, professional code, and professionally search engine optimization produce results!

Cloud Migration

We are still working on finalizing the process of moving ALL of our client websites from our old data center in Dallas, Texas to the new cloud-based data center. We're also upgrading all clients to Google Apps for better email management and Google Analytics for better ROI tracking. We managed to migrate about 60 more sites this month which means we only have about 20 sites left to migrate. Then we can completely shut down the old hosting network. This process has been in the works for almost a full year now and we can't wait to be done! :) This is partly because it's a very tedious process upgrading every page of code we've ever produced so that it's optimized for cloud hosting, and partly because we can't wait to get rid of some of our older systems and move all of our clients to the newer, more powerful systems. This will be a huge upgrade for everyone.
Here is a list of the new clients/projects that we have agreed to produce this month:

  • Illinois Renewable Fuels Association
  • Illinois Corn Growers Association/Illinois Corn Marketing Board 
  • McLean County Anesthesiologists
  • Illinois District - United Pentecostal Church
  • 1010 The Lofts on Main
  • Mom2Mom
  • Reliable Recruiters
  • Save Thousands On Buying Autos (STOBA)


Cybernautic in Silicon Valley

Cybernautic CEO, Chad Parker wrapped up a trip to Silicon Valley in early July to meet with the developers at Google. The trip was incredibly fruitful and we believe it will strengthen our ability to promote our clients via Google Search. We're also excited to learn more about developing mobile apps for Android (as well as iPhone) and we're hoping to begin integrating Google's Website Optimizer system into our CMS soon. This would make Cybernautic the 8th company in the world to officially partner with Google on the Website Optimizer Project.

Sales Manager Greg Wilhelm serves in the Dominican Republic

Cybernautic Sales Manager Greg Wilhelm has spent nearly 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic with a group from his church this month. He's serving the Dominican people in various ways including helping with physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs. Greg returns the US on July 30th, and he'll post a news stories to the Cybernautic site outlining his adventures once things settle down for him.

New Cybernautic Animation Project Coming Soon!

Our design team has been spent several evenings and weekends working on some incredible new animation work that will be used as promotional pieces at Bradley University Basketball games, Peoria Rivermen Hockey Games, and Bloomington Prairie Thunder games. We're also hoping to use the animation on our website and digital billboards, and we're looking into other partnership agreements to show it at the beginning of movies at various movies theaters, on broadcast TV, and other locations. Whatever the outcome, the new animated promos are incredible! Hopefully we'll be able to debut them in August.

Cybernautic MLS Version 3.0 Coming Soon

We're making the final adjustments to integrate the new Cybernautic MLS with our new cloud hosting network so that it can utilize the Cybernautic CDN (Content Delivery Network) for the massive photo database. This will make our Real Estate Brokerage and Agent clients happy because it will be the fastest MLS/IDX based web system that we've ever seen! We've been testing the first Real Estate Brokerage site all month and so far the reviews are coming back better than expected. This should mean that we're able to convert all existing client sites to the new system by mid September.

Billing Flexibility and Late Fees

Currently we have a record number of delinquent invoices. There is no doubt this is related to the sluggish economy. Cybernautic remains committed to our small business clients (since we are a small business ourselves) and it's our policy to help our clients whenever we can with invoicing. We will continue to provide flexibility, but we will also begin enforcing late fees on delinquent invoices starting in August.

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