3 Keys to Improving Sales Productivity with Social Media
Aug 2, 2010

Three keys to improving sales productivity with social

Today, you’re selling to a customer who uses the internet to learn almost everything about you, your products, and your competitors before they even think about contacting us. When these customers do engage, it’s far
more social than ever before.  More than 80% of US adults use social networking sites now.  More than half of the people on Twitter follow a company, brand, or product. 
More than ever, your work is now about building relationships and facilitating sales online.  The trick is how to achieve meaningful relationships without sacrificing productivity in sales.  But there are three very specific ways you can do this:
1)      Verify Leads. 

Determine whether the person who is engaging with you online is the right person and the right company, and if
it’s the right time to reach them.  What’s their purpose in engaging with you? Are they looking for information or validating?  Checking out your product?  Just wanting their voice to be heard?
2)      Gather Information. 

Follow your leads to gather more information.  Ask the people you’re communicating with what their interest is.  Find out what problems their having in their current situation and see how your company can address those.  Find out what your prospect’s latest news, interests, and pet peeves are and how they relate to what you do.
3)      Engage Prospects.

People aren’t just prospects – they’re people!  They like and dislike things and if you pay attention, you can communicate with them effectively.  Even if they aren’t immediately interested in your company, if you engage them you leave the door open for future developments.  Find out what your prospects are saying about your industry and point them to articles that might help them see the best side of what you do.  Refer them to someone who can help them and even if it’s not you, they’ll remember and they’ll find you again when they do need you.
Being productive in sales hinges on being informed, and the best way to be informed about your prospects is to meet them where they are and to find out what they are interested in.  Engage with them.   Let them know that you care, and they’ll remember you.
- by Dave DeGooyer

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