University of Illinois Launches Website with Cybernautic
Sep 17, 2011

The University of Illinois' student athletics organization, the Illini Pride (including the "Orange Krush") chose Cybernautic to design their new website for the Champaign, Il organization.

Growing the "biggest and best" student organization on U of I's Campus

The Illini Pride is the "biggest and best" registered student organization (RSO) on the University of Illinois campus. Cybernautic was tasked with producing a well branded and easy to use website that would aid in the growth of student involvement. Our first task was to clean up the presentation and branding. Illini Pride represents some enormous student groups like the Orange Krush, but the old site didn't represent the organization very well. The Cybernautic team worked hard to define the core message of the organization and to outline several key objectives for growth and key metrics for measuring that growth. From there we examined and redefined the branding efforts of the Illini Pride which included the redesigned website interface. Then, we reorganized the site map to make navigation easier and to better emphasize the most important parts of the site for the Illini Pride web users. Finally, we reorganized the presentation of information on each page of the site to give users more of what they were searching for on each page and to present it in a super-clean, well-branded manor.
Driving Social Change through Student Philanthropy

The Illini Pride has raised and donated over $2 million dollars for various charities since its creation in 1998. Part of Cybernautic's goal during the redesign was to raise public awareness about the group's effectiveness in terms of local and national philanthropy. Since the group's reputation is publicly dominated by the Orange Krush, the enormously popular student group that support's Illinois' Men's Basketball team, our job was to remind web visitors that the group not only represents the U of I athletics' teams well, but they also represent 63 charities well! The new website emphasizes a significant portion of the Illini Pride's charity arm. These new sections outline the donations they've made to various charity's and outline the process for applying for financial support through the Illini Pride.

Supporting a Giant in the Big Ten

Although the brand is important and supporting their charities represent a huge part of the Illini Pride's efforts, at the end of the day the Illini Pride bleed orange and blue for the athletics teams of one of the giants in the Big Ten Conference! Within Cybernautic, we took it upon ourselves to use this opportunity to make a major statement for the Illinois Pride about the overwhelmingly encouraging effects they have on their athletic teams as one of the nation's most energetic RSO's. By comparison, the Illini Pride website overwhelmingly dominates all other student-run websites dedicated to a university's athletic programs. Cybernautic is not only proud to have designed an incredibly powerful new website for the Illini Pride, but we are proud to support a giant in the Big Ten!


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