Pana Community Hospital Launches A New Website!

Pana Community Hospital partnered with Cybernautic in Champaign, IL after hearing about our experience with medical web design projects.


Their old site was hard-coded without access to a content management system. This meant that each time the marketing department wanted to add a success story or make an update to the website, they had to contact the IT Department and wait for them to make the change.


Editor, Cybernautic's Content Management System, provides an easy interface for the marketing department to quickly log in themselves to make any changes to the website they desire. Additionally, they have the safety net of having redundant backups to their website to save their work in case anything is accidentally deleted and needs to be restored.


As an increasingly large portion of their website visitors were using a mobile device, the marketing team at Pana Community Hospital in Pana, IL also understood the importance of having a website that was easy to read and navigate for both smartphones & tablets. Now, regardless of the device, their users can easily find the updated information they need at any time!

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