Eastview Debuts Lesson Planner Web Application

Eastview Christian Church in Normal, IL has a congregation upwards of 6,000 people on any given Sunday, which means their children’s ministry is bustling! Their need for a system that allows Eastview Kids teachers to efficiently create lesson plans grows with each year. With its first iteration in 2006, Cybernautic has been the team to fill that need year over year, but after 10 years on the original system, it was time for an upgrade!


We’re so thrilled to announce the launch of the brand-new Eastview Kids Lesson Planner web application!

This web app allows teachers to customize their lesson plan specifically for their group of kids with unique activities to go along with the Big Ideas scheduled for each week. The application collects each teacher’s choices and provides reports that breakdown what and how many materials are needed for each activity, allowing the EK Team behind the scenes to get everything ready for each Sunday ahead of time. The app serves as a portal to communicate important information and provides teachers with a way to submit substitute lesson plans or easily find older lessons through the lesson archive.


This new system has not only made lesson creation more efficient, it is entirely integrated with Eastview’s existing internal management system so that as they may choose to update and change their internal processes along the way, the Lesson Planner app will remain flexible to accept those changes.

It’s safe to say that the Eastview Kids team should be set for another 10+ years!


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