The Hive Debuts Microsite Launch
July 20, 2017

As a start-up organization, The Hive of Bloomington-Normal needed a website that would explain their concept and goals and ultimately get people excited about their dreams for the community. They came to Cybernautic with a name and a concept, but not much else. From designing a simple, yet effective logo to incorporating the beehive concept throughout and carefully crafting the content for each section, the Cybernautic team worked collaboratively to create a microsite that truly speaks to the heart of what The Hive seeks to be.


Such a collaborative process runs parallel with The Hive’s own mission as they seek to create a maker-space that will allow sponsors and local businesses to come alongside the youth of the Bloomington-Normal community and give kids and families a place of gathering and exposure to a wide variety of hands-on learning.


If you are interested in getting involved in this project, check out the microsite to learn more and contact The Hive team today for more information!