Is Your Web Site Actually Mobile-Friendly?

The number of people that interact with your web site on a mobile device continues to grow each year. Ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile devices can ultimately lead to more sales for your business. In 2016, mobile devices influenced sales to the tune of $1.4 Trillion.


A few years ago, Google released a free web tool called Test My Site, which analyzes a website’s mobile performance after entering your URL address. Google already has a host of tools that can be utilized, but unlike the other tools, this one is focused on the business owner rather than the developer or site designer. You can scroll through results that show how fast your site loads on mobile, expected visitor loss, an industry comparison ranking, and some helpful tips for making your website faster all by yourself! A full report sent to your inbox includes more in-depth suggestions for improvements.




Today's web statistics show that 51.3% of all traffic comes from mobile devices.

What does reaching more of your audience mean to you?



You might remember from our stats on mobile friendly websites that new sites simply cannot compete in the marketplace without a mobile version. Google continues to reward businesses that prioritize mobile accessibility, and can give you the competitive advantage you need. Here are some more tools from Google that can help you optimize your site to produce better results:




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