Contractors Disposal
How We Drove A 42% Increase In Website Sales

Our primary aim with Contractor's Disposal, a dumpster rental company serving all of Central Illinois, was to increase leads and sales via organic search and to improve the efficiency of their paid search campaign. Our team did all of that and more, leading to a 55% increase in organic traffic and 42% increase in website sales over the course of 12 months.

The Challenge

When Contractor's Disposal first met with us, it was apparent that their business had all the tools to succeed, except for maybe the most important one — a website that would enable them to reach new clients and surpass their goals year after year. Their website didn't offer visitors the ability to rent roll-off containers online, which put them at a huge disadvantage compared to competitors.


On top of that, their website was absent in local searches for "dumpster rental." What does that mean? They were missing out on the largest source of potential customers in today's world: organic website traffic. Their body of work had earned them a spot at the table, and yet their website was missing.


We knew they needed a website, but we also knew a website alone wouldn't be enough. The competition was tough, armed with modern websites, heaps of online reviews, and strong local presences. So, we set to work designing a comprehensive package that would challenge the competition on all fronts...

in just a few months, their average rank moved from the bottom of the page, to the very top

Custom Website & Web Marketing

With Contractor's Disposal, we created a custom package that would harness our web marketing services together to maximize their results.


Search Engine Optimization


Their search engine optimization package began from the ground up. It started with streamlined website code that made it easy for search engines to crawl and index the site. The site structure was designed to facilitate online sales and give people confidence that they had found the right place to rent a dumpster.


With that in place, our team crafted localized content that spoke to customers who are as unique as the city they call home. 


Review Generation


Now more than ever, local reviews are a crucial ranking signal for Google and other search engines. Not only that, but people rely on reviews more heavily now than ever. In fact, 80% of internet users today value reviews as much as a personal recommendation from friends. Linked with search engine optimization, accumulating Google reviews is an effective strategy to generate local traffic and earn new customers. We worked with Contractor's Disposal to generate and aggregate new reviews for each of their locations served.


Pay Per Click


Done right, pay-per-click ads are one of the most cost effective web marketing strategies available to businesses today. In fact, well-managed campaigns frequently generate $2 in revenue for every $1 spent. It can also fortify other web marketing efforts, by enabling you to rank on page one almost immediately while you build your local and organic foundations.

The Results

First and foremost, Contractor's Disposal's new custom website gave them something they'd never had — the ability to fulfill online orders. Previously, they'd been at a huge disadvantage to their competitors. Once their new website put them on equal footing, it was time for web marketing to put them ahead.


Over the next 9 months, their three-pronged approach drove real, tangible results. Powered by geotargeted content, an influx of new reviews, and paid ads that put them in front of new customers every single day, their website saw a huge jump in traffic from each of their core locations, by an average of 36 percent. They saw a 45 percent increase in organic traffic, and the effects on their paid campaign were even more significant — a 115 percent increase in monthly traffic from their ad campaign. What did that mean in terms of tangible results for the business? From their first month to their 9th month, they saw a 42% increase in online sales. Overall, since starting a SEO campaign with Cybernautic, Contractor's Disposal has seen a record number of dumpster rentals, with a significant portion of those coming from online traffic.

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