Cook County Farm Bureau
Agricultural Website Design

Cook County Farm Bureau® is a not-for-profit, general farm organization created in 1920 by area farmers, businessmen and community leaders to improve science, knowledge, lifestyle and standards of living on the farm and off for its members. Cybernautic®, a Chicago web design company, helped bring their vision to life!

The Challenge

Cook County Farm Bureau® (CCFB) came to us in search of a website that could tell the story of how they are bridging the gap between local farmers and urban consumers. We focused on clear call to actions that would lead to an increase in memberships and simple navigation to help you find the right information, effortlessly.

bridging the gap between local farmers and urban consumers
Search recipes that use fresh farm ingredients.
Easily find local products near you.
Site Features Include: Homepage and navigation organization that caters to their three main audiences, custom navigation menu, and a "Farm Products Locator" custom map tool
Contextual Resources

To ensure that all three of their primary audiences feel at home on their website, we incorporated multiple sections designed to provide contextual content/resources based on the identity a user relates to the most. Primary navigation items such as "Membership", "Ag Literacy & Education" and "Discover Local" also speak to their three primary audiences, making the CCFB website a valuable hub of resources for all of their constituents equally.

The Results
Custom Navigation

A custom navigation menu makes navigating their massive sitemap easier, and provides each audience group a clear path to finding the content they need. With an intent on encouraging users to join, their menu design includes the ability to add clear calls-to-action, relevant to each main navigation item.

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