Ervin Equipment
Website Redesign + Web Marketing

Ervin is a family-owned business that began as a one-man operation and has evolved into a thriving international company selling semi trailers, tractor trailers, and dry van trailers.

The Challenge

Looking for an upgrade visually and the desire to reach a more national audience, we set out to create a new website that would be instrumental in helping move their business forward.

200% Increase in organic traffic
Proven Results

By deploying an aggressive SEO plan that focused on building out dynamic landing pages with filtered trailer search results, Ervin saw an increase in organic traffic by 200% within the first year of launching. Ervin also invested in Google search ads to bid on national keyphrases related to buying and selling dry van trailers. Their search ads led to nearly 1,000 leads per year between contact form submissions and phone calls.


  • 200% Increase in Organice Traffic
  • Google Search Ads lead to over 700 phone calls
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
Site features include a robust inventory filter, in-depth mobile-friendly web forms including a financing and employment applications, a custom password-protected trailer tracker tool, unique history timeline, and more...
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