Greek Islands Restaurant
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Known as "The Most Popular Greek Restaurant in America", Greek Islands is an authentic Greek restaurant with two locations to serve you; Greektown in downtown Chicago and Lombard in the western Chicago suburbs. 

The Challenge

When Greek Islands came to us, the restaurant was already thriving and known as "America's Most Popular Greek Restaurant". Unfortunately, their website was lackluster, hard to keep updated, and did not reflect the authentic Greek environment that their customers feel every time they walk through the doors.

A custom landing page helps to showcase the restaurant's authentic Greek roots.
With two locations, it was important to provide click-to-call opportunities for both.
The website boasts custom features like this dynamic "specials" menu on the homepage that automatically updates based on the day of the week.
Authenticity at its Finest


Since 1971, the same owners have continued with the founding principles of great food, great service, and value — shipping ingredients from Greece directly to their restaurants. They now have a website that reflects and communicates that authenticity.

Instant Menu Updates

A huge challenge that the Greek Islands staff had with past iterations of their website was not being able to quickly update menu items because their system either didn't allow them to update it at all, or required a multi-step process to update individual items. 


The Cybernautic team created a custom menu management tool specific to Greek Islands' needs, that not only ensured they could update menu items almost instantaneously, but also gave them easy checkboxes to indicate different menu features (such as vegetarian, gluten free, house favorite, etc.).

The Results

We built an eye-catching menu that is easy to navigate and easy to update. Our web marketing team added schema mark-ups so that their menu displays on search engine result pages, adding extra visibility and simplifying the process for customers. The menu also features crystal-clear, high-quality photography that does justice to each of their delicious dishes. Overall, their new site keeps the simplicity of the old, but pairs it with modern design and functionality - a winning combination. 


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Site features include custom menu controls and a dynamic specials menu that updates automatically based on the day of the week.
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