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What timeless heirloom piece did Chef Julia Child have that paid tribute to the very heart and soul of the home? What beautiful art piece transports us to Provence? Beckons us to gather around? Makes us appreciate a moment in time? Indisputably, the La Cornue range. La Cornue is the world's leader in hand-crafted, luxurious, French ranges.

The Challenge

La Cornue approached us with a website that did not reflect the hand-crafted, attention to detail their brand is known for. There was also an awareness that the La Cornue Story was not being effectively told. Furthermore, there was a lack of internationalization to the site, resulting in a lack of clarity and personal connectivity from continent to continent. Early on we discovered that La Cornue had tremendous traffic, but the website lacked a clear path to converting casual browsers into delighted customers. Plus, with so many color and trim options, potential buyers struggled to visualize what their new custom range would look like without physically going to one of La Cornue's showrooms. The challenges were clear, but we had a plan...

Is it possible that you already have the right customers on your website, you just haven’t built the right experience for them to reach out and begin the conversation?

Build Your
Own Tool

We built an interactive online tool that would unlock the potential of virtually unlimited color and trim options for customers and designers to play with online. Then, once they had created the perfect range, they could choose a rangetop configuration and request a quote from the nearest dealer or showroom.

Multilingual Site

We used years of analytics data to shape their translation strategy from a very poorly coordinated effort to a very precise strategy built on a points-based grid that assigned values to various languages based on countries with the greatest sales, the greatest sales potential, the highest online traffic and the least likely to speak another language already used on the site. This led to translating the site into the languages of the right customers in the right markets without over translating the site. This has since led to higher conversions rates and sales in the key markets originally outlined.

German Translation
French Translation
The Results

The solution was not necessarily more advertising or more marketing in this instance, it was making the most out of what they already had. Immediately in the first few months, conversions soared between 1000% and 1500% higher than before. Customers are delighted when they customize their range through the "Build Your Own" tool. Internationalization allows La Cornue to more effectively communicate to the global audience which has opened new opportunities around the world. We have continued to work with La Cornue to develop a second version of the tool that now integrates into their Customer Relations Management system and provides even better analytics. Not only does this tool convert customers on their website, but it is a tool used daily in their showrooms across the globe.


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