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How We Achieved a #1 Ranking in 6 Months

When it comes to web marketing, Cybernautic's goal is to help businesses achieve their goals. We know if we can help businesses acheive their goals, results will follow. That's exactly what happened with Sylvester Family Dental, a local practice serving Bloomington-Normal, once we helped them achieve a #1 Google result for their target keywords.

The Challenge

The team at Sylvester Dental approached us with a website that was not getting it done for them. They also had a clear goal: increase their site's visibility for "emergency dentist."


Despite their local success and reputation, the practice found itself limited by aspects of their old site's design. The site's structure limited Google's ability to find and index valuable content, and their rank did not match their reputation. Not only was their site's structure holding them back from getting more organic traffic, it was also difficult to book appointments.


The challenges were clear, but we knew their site had a lot of untapped potential.

In the first few months, organic traffic increased by 1333%

The Solution


Technical Site Analysis


Our web marketing team began with a thorough audit of Sylvester Family Dental's old website, seeking pages where keyword rankings had either dropped or plateaued. This scan also helped the team to identify valuable keywords that were within striking distance. With this information, our design team crafted a layout that would better enable search engines to crawl and index the site's content.

With the newly improved and optimized site structure, our SEO team moved on to technical items, updating internal linking, meta descriptions, page titles, and image alt text. Checking these technical boxes makes it easier for search engines to crawl and digest the site, and it also greatly improves user experience when someone lands on it.


SEO Content Generation


Now, with a firm foundation in place, the website was ready for content. And not just any content — intentional content that reached the right customers and worked toward the client goal: more appointments for "emergency dentist."


It may sound obvious, but a site won't rank for keywords its content doesn't target. Knowing our client's goal, our team crafted content specifically built for target keywords. 

The Results

Sylvester Family Dental saw rapid and significant results. Within 3 months of launching their newly optimized website, they saw page 1 rankings for "long tail" keywords, leading to a 10% increase in website traffic.


Within 6 months, they moved from the bottom of page 1 to the very top for their target keyword. Anyone who knows SEO knows that achieving a page 1 result is difficult, but achieving the #1 result on that page is a different animal entirely.


Now, lots of SEO agencies claim to earn #1 rankings, but they're often for low traffic queries or irrelevant keywords that don't translate to meaningful results for the client, despite sounding nice on paper. So, what did Sylvester Family Dental get out of their investment?


 That target keyword we mentioned? It has over 1000 monthly searches and its SERP is a very competitive landscape. Over the past year, their #1 ranking has lead to a 25% increase in phone leads, and a 165% increase in appointments for emergency dentist.

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