What Is Cybernautic Local?
Jan 10, 2019

Websites for Small or Local Businesses


It’s 2019, and as the year of 2018 comes to a close, small businesses need a website now more than ever before. As part of our effort to Make the Web Easy for local businesses, last year we released Cybernautic Local for new website projects.


We created this package to give business owners access to the same great resources as our more intensive custom-designed websites. It’s great for small business and non-profits that have a modest budget or want to launch their very first website. Read below to see our 5-step approach for a Cybernautic Local project.







The digital world has tools that can help any business become more efficient and more effective. A small business website is more than just a business card for your company; it’s also the hub where you bring all of these tools together into an integrated system. Our team of experienced designers, developers and marketers will help you create a plan to move your business forward on the web.


Every Cybernautic Local website is built from the same core elements: a Homepage, an About Us page, a Contact page, and up to two additional page types of your choice. 


Our a-la-carte menu includes replicable page types so that you can expand your website as your business does.





The layout and function of your website should reflect and represent your brand. Perhaps the best part about our plug-and-play package is that when it comes to design, we’ll go beyond the box.


While the site structure is readymade for your use, it will still be completely custom to your brand.

What’s more, Cybernautic Local projects are mobile-friendly, responsive websites.





Remember the last time you saw an email come through that just felt spammy and unprofessional? Ensure that your clients don’t feel that way about you; professional email hosting helps keep your messages out of spam folders and provides another reputable part of your business presence.


With Cybernautic Local, your team (up to 5 team members) will receive email addresses at your domain URL (i.e.





As part of our commitment to Make the Web Easy for all of our clients, we will give you a detailed training so that you can confidently make updates to your website after its launch (don’t worry, we’ll stick around to help - keep reading**).


Our in-house content management system, Editor, is the key to secure web hosting and consistent pricing for the low cost, one-time setup of your website. 





Don’t fret, we’ve got this too! Our support team is an integrated part of our staff; they aren’t outsourced, and the core parts of your website are all built on our own system. That makes response times to your problems a breeze - and it keeps everything a bit more human


Cybernautic Local clients get the same support as anyone else we work with. What’s more, our web marketing services are available to you at any time, and can be tailored to work well with your site. In addition to being more efficient and effective as a business, you can become more noticeable as well with us!




A new website for a business is a huge investment and we know that not everyone can afford the hefty price tag that comes along with it. Cybernautic Local was created with a fixed price for just that reason. If you think you might be a good fit for a Cybernautic Local project, we'd love to connect with you to get the process started!

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