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Helping you reach populations in need, simplify social service outreach, and provide resources for organizations of all types. Scroll to see how we've helped other non-profits like yours reach their goals.

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Responsive & User-Friendly Design

Cybernautic has been helping non-profits and NGOs increase their outreach efforts and serve their local communities since 1998. We strike the balance between designing sites specifically for nonprofits, while also supplying the full functionality of modern web pages.


Useful features for your non-profit's website:


  • Intuitive navigation, excellent speed, and highly-efficient security tools that yield increased donations and fundraising revenues
  • Custom donation pages with a clear call-to-action that make it easy for donors to set up one-time or recurring donations
  • Event calendars that help donors and volunteers stay up-to-date 
  • Video embeds that make it easy for you to show donors what you've been up to, even if it's on the other side of the globe
  • Integration of social media, RSS, and news feeds to help donors and volunteers stay in touch
  • Job & involvement opportunity listings to let your community know how they can get more plugged in with your organization
  • Seamless testimonial integration to give your community members a voice 



Maintaining a website is an ongoing process, which is why we built a content management system your entire staff can operate. Add photos, videos, and content with ease. Before your site launches, we provide the necessary training and support so you feel confident behind the wheel.



Flexibility is key when it comes to designing nonprofit websites. Depending on what your organization hopes to achieve, we have a number of different tools and features to set your website apart.



Google and other search engines have said time and time again that mobile-friendly websites will perform better in search engines. The number of donations made from mobile devices continues to increase, which is why we create flexible designs optimized for mobile devices.

  • Readable text without zoom
  • Content that fits to screen size
  • Easy-tap call-to-actions
  • Avoid heavy software


Whether you are representing local government, providing education, necessary social services, solutions for local issues, or ministry opportunities, Cybernautic has experience in your field.



1) CHurch website design



2) Local Social Service websites & Food pantries, shelters



City & School Web Design


4) Worldwide ministry Promotional websites



5) National associations, 501(c)3 web design





Non-profit websites tend to get cluttered with a variety of messages, confusing navigation, and an overwhelming home page. Here at Cybernautic, we produce websites with the intention of clear content and thoughtful, easy-to-use organization.


We are a web development, design & marketing company that specializes in projects that give back to communities. We provide many services for not-for-profit organizations including:

  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (ask about Google Ad Grants)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Directory/Listing Submissions